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Are you looking for a fencing company that installs traditional and modern wood fencing to increase the aesthetics of your house and provide privacy? Fence Company Fresno  has been installing wooden fencing for many years now. We are a licenced fencing company installing various types of fences for residential and commercial properties. Wooden fences is one of the fences we install. We are trained professionals who are skilled to install all kinds of wooden fences for your property. We can custom make wooden fences that will match your expectation as well as aesthetics of your property.

Here Are Some Of The Types Of wood Fencing We Install

Cedarwood- Cedarwood is softwood, is naturally resistant to pests and makes durable fences.

Pinewood- Pinewood also has a soft texture making it easier to cut and make into fences. Pinewood has a natural color of white or off-white. The oxidised pattern form on the wood slab looks amazing and with proper staining it will give a rustic look to your surroundings.

Oakwood- Oakwood is a hardwood that is durable and commonly used for decks and wooden furniture.

Cypress- Cypress is similar to Oakwood in texture and color. However wood from only older cypress trees should be used.
Redwood- Redwood is one of the most aesthetically beautiful woods. It has a vibrant color along with being resistant to rot and pests.

Types of fences we install with wood

Privacy fencing- Lattice fencing and other types of designs can [provide privacy to your property. Solid frames made with slabs of wood can also be used to make wooden fences that look great. Privacy fencing conceals your property from the passersby and gives you freedom to allow only trusted people in.

Picket fence- picket fence is the most common type of fencing for suburban houses. They do a good job of keeping the pets in and boundering the house. They make your house look organised and beautiful. Picket fences are relatively easy to instal as well.

Security fences- Wooden security fences can be tall, thick and reinforced with metal bars. They will prevent unwanted trespassing and prevent your pets from escaping. Smaller wooden fences can be used around the pool area to prevent children from going into the pool. Our team is prompt with their response. We will come to your house fully equipped and with trained professionals who know how to install or repair wooden fences.

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If you are looking for an affordable fencing option that gives your property a new look, wooden fencing is it. Wooden fences give your property a natural beauty that other types of fences would not be able to give. Fresno Fence Co uses high quality wood that is pressure treated stained and installed at your property. We also provide retraction, repair and maintenance for wooden fences if you need. Wooden fences can be recycled and there is less carbon footprint of wood than that of Vinyl or metal fence.

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