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Fence Company Fresno offers pool fencing to Fresno residents. We deliver beautiful looking, functional fences for your pools based on years of experience. Our workers have installed fences around pools for hundreds of parents.

Why fence your pool

To keep your kids safe – As bad as it sounds, it is the truth that every year many kids die by drowning in their own pools. Kids are curious by nature, no matter how much you try to keep them locked inside the house they find a way to go out and play in the pool. For the absolute safety you need to fence your pool. It provides your child and his/her friends who visit safe.

State mandates – Some states have laws for pool fences. It can be a criminal offence not to have pool fence if you have small kids at home.

Keep your pets away from pool – Most dogs and some cats love water. They would want to get in the water and play when you are not looking. It sucks when your pets come all wet and wet your floor and carpet. Much like kids it is extremely difficult to hold them in. They might not drown but they sure will dirty your floor if your pool is not fences.

Low insurance premiums – Another major reason to install Pool fences is to lower your insurance premiums. Insurances access your house, if you do not have basic safety features it is likely they will charge more premiums. Simple pool fences can bring out hundreds of dollars in premiums.

They make your pool look beautiful – It might be surprising to you but a beautifully installed fences can actually enhance the look of your pool instead of decreasing. You might think it hinders the aesthetics of your pool but the right fence can actually make it look cooler. Talk to our fence experts to know the options of beautiful looks pool fences.

Provide privacy – Many homeowners want to have complete privacy while bathing in the pool. Especially if you have an open backyard, having a guarded pool become a must. Swimming in the pool with family or alone is an intimate moment and you don’t want strangers looking at you without your notice. A privacy fence around the pool gives you the much needed privacy.

Types of fence material for pool fence
Pool fences needs to be sturdy to keep them unbreakable by kids. Metal fences are considered ideal for small yet durable fences.

Wrought Iron – If you want to opt for something elegant that does not hinder the view but provides safety then wrought iron fences are best. They come in various decorate designs with curves and swirls and pointed heads that look amazing when installed.

Aluminium fence – Aluminium fence are cheaper alternative of wrought iron fence with the same level of aesthetics and durability. They are not as heavy or traditional per say but they work great as metal decorative fences for your pool.

Chainlink – Chain Link are basic protection. They do not as much enhance they beauty but do what they are supposed to do. They are cheaper and easier to install and remove as well. If you want something temporarily chain link fences can be one of the options.

Vinyl fences – Vinyl fences work great as privacy fences for pools. They can reinforced by stainless steel poles but the material is essentially vinyl and a strong one. It is affordable privacy fencing solution that safes your kid as well.

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