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When you need a fence installed on your property, call Fence Company Fresno. We install all kinds of fences for homeowners and businesses. We are a trained and licensed fence installation company, providing unmatching fence installation for more than 30 years now. Our family-owned company only hired well trained and certified professionals who are kept up to date on their skills. Let us know when you need fence installation at an affordable price, we will make it possible for you. We install standard picket fences or intricate ornamental fences all at once. When it comes to installing fences we are one of the first choices for many homeowners and business owners as well. We install custom made fences that go with the overall aesthetics of your house.

Types of Fence we install

Security Fence – Many businesses and homeowners give more priority to security than to anything else. If you want a fully secure fence that is high, strong, and impenetrable with a proper view of the outside, you have got us. We have the right knowledge and training in installing security fences. We have metal security fences, chain link security fences that are perfect for high-security settings. If a facility needs to keep a check on who is coming in and going out of the property, security fences at the best place to be in. We have the skills and knowledge to install security fences at affordable prices.

Privacy fence – Privacy fences provide much-needed privacy to your home or business. These fences will not let anyone from outside look into your property. These privacy fences can be made of wood, metal, or some other material. These fences can also be great to shield your backyard or pool area from strangers’ view. Hotels and offices can have privacy fences that they need privacy from outsiders. No matter the kind of privacy fences you need for your property, we will install it for you.

Pool fence – Keeping the safety of your kids and pets around the pool is important. Many kids and pets fall into the pool and drown. An effective way of preventing such accidents from happening is to enclose the pool area with fences. We install chain links and ornamental fences for your pool area. We will also provide a fence gate with the pool fence so you can control when your kids get into the pool. You will be able to supervise when your kids get inside the water when you have pool fences in place. Let us know the kind of pool fence you.

Decorative fence – Decorative fences can be a combination of security and privacy fence. Their main duty is enhancing the beauty of your property, These types of fences are intricately made to act as a beauty element to the landscape. Such fences can be made of iron, aluminum, steel, or wood. They can be decorated with designs, plants, and lighting. If you want us to install such decorative fences for your property let Fence Company Fresno know.

Metal Fencing – Tucker Affordable Fence installs all kinds of metal fencing work for your residential and commercial properties. We understand the need to have the best quality fences on your property that is why we work towards achieving customer satisfaction. No matter what kind of metal fencing you need, aluminum, steel, or wrought iron, we have skilled craftsmen to install it for you.

Vinyl Fencing – Vinyl fencing is more common now a day more for the picket fencing options. They can also be used in landscape fencing for a more custom-designed look.

Wood fencing – Standard wood fencing is still people’s favorite. If you want a wood fencing installation done on your property, give us a call. We install wood fencing that is classical, modern, or traditional. They can be privacy, security, or decorative fences. The options are many and you can choose from anyone.

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We are a licensed fencing company providing Pool fencing installation services for the residence of Freson. We have years of experience in delivering beautiful looking functional fences for your pools. We have skilled workers who have installed fences around homes and commercial properties in Fresno.

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