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Fence Company Fresno has been providing customised Fencing for years now. We understand that not every person would want a standard fence that everyone else has. Fences are the first thing anyone notices about your property. They increase the aesthetic beauty of your property and increase its value. Many commercial places that like hotels and resorts know how important standing out is. Installation a creative, eye catching fence increases their business and puts a reputation on their name. If you need a fence that is not like the fences your neighbours have and you want to stand out, the best way is to hire us.  

Fence Company Fresno is the organization that you can rely on in Midland for all custom fence build and business fence systems. With over years of industry experience we have our own in-house professional installers. The engineers have the equipment and resources for any project of scale, regardless of nature and construction, for building, restoring and customizing. We offer services for various closed fences, gates, including wood, aluminum , iron and automated gates.

Ornamental fencing
If you need ornamental fences that are customized to fit the aesthetics of your house. Or you have a particular design in your head that you want the ornamental fence to look like, we can do that for you. The fence gate is installed along with the ornamental gate if you need. You can custom make iron fence gates that will make your property look beautiful. You can determine the height, design and all other aspects of the iron fence and will plan out a way to instil them in the custom designs.

Wooden fencing
Custom wooden fencing is mainly for beautification purposes. If you are landscaping, transforming your backyard to a beautiful sitting area, you want to give it some beauty modification. Having a stand fence is not enough. Fresno Fence Co has a team that installs custom made unique wooden fences for the backyard. You can sort throughout catalogs for designs or make your own.

Vinyl fencing
Vinyl fences are another thing that comes with various designs and colors. If you have something different in mind let us know and we will do our best to manufacture a vinyl fence that matches your expectation. With creative vinyl fencing, you can transform your backyard to themed location or make the face blend with the rest of your property. We have installed vinyl fence partitions from the pool area to the backyard that look beautiful and not obstructive. If you want something similar that compliments the rest of your property, we can help.

Creative and unique fences
Fences don’t always have to be a single material. A mix and match of various types of fences can be done to enhance the beauty and security of your property. At Fresno fence Co we have a creative team that can help you plan out a unique and beautiful looking fence layout.


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