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We are a Fresno based licenced fencing company providing fencing planning and designing services. It is one of the most important aspects of securing your property. Before you install a fence around a property there are a lot of things to consider. We have all the expertise and skill required to do the needed planning and designing.

We bring your design to reality
If you have been planning about installing fence on your property you must have done some research on it. However, there is a huge difference between imagining and actually installing a fence. Our experts draw and plan your imaginations and to bring them to life. When you tell Fence Company Fresno the design you have in mind our fencing experts with give you detailed knowledge on the type of material required and costs associated with it.

The first thing in any fencing project is determining the type of material for the fence. The cost, installation time, durability, maintenance are only some we determine while choosing the material.

Wrought iron fencing – Wrought iron fences are traditional fences that don’t do much on privacy but work great as security fences. They are amazing if you want an uninhibited view of inside and out. However, they do cost on the higher side.

Aluminium fencing – Aluminium fencing is a fancy type of metal fencing. It is durable but there aren’t many color options. It is a great alternative for wrought iron fence and in some cases it can act as a privacy fence. They are somewhat easy to install and readily available.

Wooden fencing – Many people like wooden fencing because traditional look. They are high-maintenance although the upfront cost isn’t much.

Determining the dimensions – Once we choose the material, next comes determining the dimensions. We have to measure the area of your house. See where the property line ends. Measure the perimeter. We need to determine the height and design you want for your fence.we can help you decide between a privacy fence, semi-private fence and open fence design. If you want security we will install higher fences, or designs that keep burglars and trespassers out. If you want your dogs and cats contained, we will install pet resistant fences that pets have a difficult time climbing over.

Determining Budget – Before starting fences your expert will provide you a free estimate. It is always good to know the budget beforehand. Once we choose the material, determine the height and the perimeter where the fence will be installed we can easily provide you an estimate.

The big layout – The big job comes from laying out the places where the poles for the fence will go. They need to be in equal separation. We will acquire all the permits required for the construction. We will contact the utility department to make sure we are disrupting utility lines. The installation of the poles differ from fence to fence and we are experienced in installing all.

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